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We can keep this simple too, the only plain data stored is your email address and only for the purpose of password resets

Want to get geeky? (probably not)
are stored as md5 encrypted data

All data you enter about captures and so on are stored encrypted
With your email address and password as the decoding string and are therefore useless to anyone without your details even us and as we do not store raw passwords we couldn’t see it either.

How does this work for debuging? Made it hard for yourself!
Yes we did but normally we can work it out based on what error you have and we can turn on some debuging code to give you a code to let us know whats going on and fix from there.

So what can you actually see as I am super secret when it comes to my captures?
As we want to be 100% transparent and open, we can see email addresses and if we wanted and we don’t want to and we don’t, but we could in theory see the images of captures this will bring me on to our final point and if you are still reading you're geeky enough to probably be starting to ask yourself the same question!

Ah ha meta data stored in exif inside my images, your finding out where I caught my secret capture from?!?!?
Nope we removal all meta data and resize your images on upload for this very reason.

Ok so you thought of everything!
Probably not I am sure there maybe something that comes up, and if we do find something thats not covering things then we will look into sorting it so it is.

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