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Hi I am Pete and I started Carpers Log app, I am so website and app developer as well as a Photographer and Videographer for a fishing brand, I first started fishing around 6 years old and have fallen in and out of the hobby over the years but now spend a few days a week on the bank all year round. I first built this app for personal use so that I could store all my captures and find trends to help me increase my catch rates every time I visited a new venue. One day I was talking with a fellow member and comparing capture to see what we had not had, he loved seeing how organised my catch list was and how easy it was compared to scrolling through private photos to find pictures to show me. Nothing happened for about a year before I rewrote the backend of the app to allow it to be used on a per user basis. I then sent it to a few mates and to a few members to use, some found this hard as I was sending the apk files and comes with a string of instructions to just get it installed, I therefor uploaded this to the app stores so they could install the apps easily and this then led to others around the world downloading it, some of these users have been in touch and helped with translations into their native languages.

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